Monday, 24 April 2017

Easter Holidays

Hi everyone

What lovely weather we had during the school holidays! I love not having to trudge up to school first thing and in the middle of the day - all day then free to take the boys exploring!

We have had a couple of days in so I can catch up on housework but they climb the walls and aren't as well behaved!

I made some counting beans for them to play with their trucks and tractors.   As with all my products they are using food grade ingredients and packaging and are 100% biodegradable and packaging 100% recyclable!

We love watching those youtube channels where trucks are scooping coloured balls, and they teach you the colours and counting.

I hope you agree that the colours really pop with these - I want to do pink! I told Finley that it's because we have all the Paw Patrol colours except Skye.

We went to Wilderness woods as a family and I tried to identify trees.  I'm not very good at Tree  Identification despite being really interested it!

Mainly I've been putting a lot of effort into the veggie garden.  I did about 3 hours over the bank holiday weekend.  I've now built 6 veggie beds

(1 will be placed on top of another to give depth).  I've lined them all and now have 3 left to fill with earth.  Tomato plants are in the first bed.  I think they are tomato! I also sowed Aubergine seeds and the labels washed away so I'm not 100% sure, but they are treated the same.

We have been a bit run down with coughs which I'm pleased to say is the only illness we've had since being vegan - all those fresh fruit and veg have definitely made a difference.

Noah lost a tooth! He fell while tired and knocked his tooth back into his top gum - ouch! Sounds so painful but he was a champ and only cried for a short time.  The dentist offered an extraction or wait and see so we are keeping an eye on it and it might even be pushing back down.

He had trouble sleeping because he could no longer take his dummy at night so I became his dummy! He is now slowly not depending on being attached to me all night and we are all sleeping better.

Today I made my meat recipe again (see steak blog) sun dried toms, mushrooms, nuts etc.  But this time I blended 2 onions in my food processor and fried them, then put only a small amount of my meat recipe in (about the same amount as 2 small burgers) with 2 tins of chopped tomatoes, 1 tin of black beans, a handful or quinoa and barley and about 50ml worcester sauce (vegan), veg stock and made an awesome cottage pie with it! It tastes pretty close to how it used to when I ate a good way.  It's actually the best cottage pie I've ever had!  Glad we can still have healthy, protein-full, stodgy good food.  Using pastry is a good one too if you are after something substantial.

Hopefully by next week my veggie beds will be complete and I'll be back onto building the Tiny Land website.  I'm keen on getting my products accessible to my customers and groups such as charities - it's lovely to know that I can bring joy to other children through my work and this will be a real motivator for me.  I expect the website will be ready by early June - ready for summer holidays getting messy outside!

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